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About News and Trends Outlet
News and Trends Outlet is an award winning news organization that focuses on holding the powerful accountable through adversarial, fearless journalism. Its research and studies are focused on technology, social media and apps, design and lifestyle, real estate and home, health, and many other topics. News and Trends Outlet provides its journalists with the freedom and support to share their knowledge and discoveries, wherever they may find them. News and Trends Outlet’s members are also its fuel: they fund its mission and goals by supporting it financially.

Ethics Statement
News and Trends Outlet is committed to maintaining the trust of our readers. News and Trends Outlet have adopted a company-wide policy on conflict of interests to ensure our readers trust in our reporting. This covers all family members and staff of News and Trends Outlet reporters, staff, and leaders.

If we believe that a subject may be in conflict with us or has the appearance of one, we will not hesitate to mention any connections to News and Trends Outlet or its staff. The person or persons involved in the conflict will not be allowed to participate in the writing, editing, approval, or revision of the story. If we feel it is appropriate, we will link to original editorial content from other media outlets on newsworthy topics when we feel our disinterest is necessary for producing original pieces.

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